Military Law

As a former Navy JAG attorney, Larry Burch has 25 years of experience working for military and uniformed service members.  Although he served in the Navy, Mr. Burch and his team work for service members from the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard as well as the Public Health Service and NOAA.  Military service members may face a wide array of legal challenges from court-martials and administrative discharge board to Physical Evaluation Boards and Boards for Correction of Military Records and non-judicial punishment.  Each of these legal matters could have a profound impact on a service member’s career and future employment.

When a command prefers charges against a service member or convenes a discharge board, an accused service member can feel abandoned and alone despite many years of honorable service.   It is important for a service member to protect his or her career by getting an attorney early in any legal process.  We help protect service members when things are at their worst and it seems like the command has turned against them.  The Burch Law Firm’s intimate knowledge of military law and the military legal system is a powerful weapon on the side of military service members.

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