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At the Burch Law Firm, we understanding that ending a marriage by divorce or separation is among the most emotionally-trying and stressful times in the lives of our clients.  Many are hurt, frustrated, upset, and overwhelmed by the intricacies of divorce and family law. For over two decades, our Bethesda family law and divorce attorneys have helped clients navigate the complex area of divorce and family law in Maryland. We understand the issues clients face in separation and divorce cases in Maryland and we strive to achieve your goals without wasting time and money.

Options for Divorce in Bethesda, Maryland

The Family Courts in Maryland can provide help two ways -- through a Limited Divorce or an Absolute Divorce.  Where the parties are living separately, but have not been separated long enough to file for an Absolute Divorce (and there are no other grounds to support a final divorce), then a Limited Divorce allows the Court to award relief until the parties are eligible for an Absolute (or final) Divorce in Maryland.  

Limited Divorce in Bethesda, Maryland:

In a Limited Divorce, the Judge or Family Law Magistrate can award a party custody and visitation, child support, temporary alimony (or pendente lite alimony), use of the marital home and other marital property as well as litigation fees.  However, in a Limited Divorce in Maryland the parties remain legally married to each other.  The court cannot divide the marital property until the parties are eligible for an Absolute Divorce.

Absolute Divorce in Bethesda, Maryland:

In an Absolute Divorce, the Judge or Family Law Magistrate can also award custody and visitation, child support as well as rehabilitative or indefinite alimony, use of the marital home and other marital property (for up to 3 years after the date of divorce if there is a minor child living in the house) as well as litigation fees.  The Maryland Court will also divide the marital property in an Absolute Divorce.

There are several grounds for an absolute divorce; however, Maryland provides spouses the option of pursuing a no-fault divorce. To pursue an absolute divorce with grounds, at least one spouse must show that any one of the following occurred:

  • Adultery

  • Desertion

  • Voluntary separation

  • Cruelty of treatment

  • Excessively vicious conduct toward the spouse or any minor children

Speak to a knowledgeable divorce and family lawyer in Bethesda to find out if you have sufficient grounds to file for an Absolute Divorce.

Marital Separation Agreements in Bethesda, Maryland

A Marital Separation Agreement is an excellent way to avoid the stress and considerable expense of contested litigation.  A Marital Separation Agreement allows married couples in Bethesda to reach an agreement on the issues facing parties who are ending their marriages.

Under the revised Maryland Code, Family Law Article 7-103, if the parties have a fully signed Marital Separation Agreement that resolves all issues – and there are no minor children – the Court may award a divorce without any waiting period!

However, a Marital Separation Agreement is a binding contract that affects your rights forever.  Before you begin discussing a Marital Separation Agreement, you consult with an experienced Family Law Attorney in Bethesda, Maryland.  At The Burch Law Firm, we have been negotiating and drafting Marital Separation Agreements for over 20 years.  We understand and anticipate the issues that couples face when ending their marriages. 

Speak with a knowledgeable Bethesda divorce attorney to address your case and help you obtain a viable solution.

The Burch Law Firm focuses on Bethesda family law and divorce issues. We understand that this is a complex and difficult process and we guide you through it.  We are always looking to find a fair resolution to save our client’s money.  If the case can’t be settled fairly, then we are prepared to zealously advocate our client’s position in Court.  We have been representing clients in Bethesda, Maryland for over 20 years in Divorce and Family Law matter.

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