Larry Burch's new book "Understanding Military Divorce Law" is now available

Understanding Military Divorce Law is an easy to read guide for military families trying to understand the many federal and state laws as well as military regulations involved in a separation or divorce involving a military service member. In plain language without legalese, Understanding Military Divorce Law explains how the military services and the state courts deal with family law issues.

The book gives practical tips (and insight) based on years of examples, on how to do to prosecute and defend against claims involving military family law issues. Written by a lawyer with over 25 years of experience in military family law as a Navy JAG Corps officer and as a civilian Domestic Relations attorney. This book provides useful and practical information on legal issues that typically arise when military family’s separate.

Beginning with practical advice on how to hire an attorney, the book discusses common issues in military separation and divorce cases. From where to file your case and how to get a military service member into court, getting dependent support from the military and negotiating a separation agreement, to deciding custody and child support, dealing with the military (as a spouse and as a service member), how the family courts operate, dividing marital property (including military pensions) and post-divorce issues like VA benefits, and the rights of former military spouses – this book is an easy to understand discussion of military family law with real life examples.

Understanding Military Divorce Law also provides practical insight on dealing with matters that can significantly affect the service member’s military career like; dependent support claims, Security Clearance issues and how best to deal with the Family Advocacy Program. Understanding Military Divorce Law will benefit both the layman and the lawyer as a common sense guide to many of the issues affecting military families during a separation or divorce.