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National Military Medical Center located in Bethesda, Maryland just outside Washington, D.C. provide a unique contribution to the country. Home of Walter Reed Medical Center and the Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences, thousands of military and civilian personnel work at the National Military Medical Center (and the National Institutes of Health across the street).

Frequently, legal issues arise for service members and their dependents as well as for civilian employees. Larry Burch and The Burch Law Firm has been working for the men and women of the National Military Medical Center for over 25 years. Our law firm’s attorneys understand the hyper-scrutiny that working in a high-visibility assignment (like the National Naval Medical Center) brings. Often seemingly minor infractions -- which might be overlooked at other military units -- can threaten a service member’s entire career. Also, medical personnel can be the subject of credentialing actions can threaten careers over minor infractions or even mere accusations. We help military service members and civilians (particularly health care professionals) stand up to unfair prosecutions or overly-aggressive command actions.

Attorney Larry Burch has over 25 years of experience representing service members at Court-Martials, Administrative Discharges hearings and Boards of Inquiry, Physical Evaluation Boards (PEB Hearings), DOHA security clearance hearings, medical credentialing committees as well as before the Discharge Review Board and the Board for Correction of Medical Records.

Often our legal representation at the start of an investigation helps keep the case from reaching a court-marital or administrative hearing. When a command begins an investigation or brings legal charges, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable attorney on your side to represent your interests. Managing Partner, Larry Burch, a former Navy JAG Corps officer, knows the military legal system from the inside.

National Military Medical Center is located within suburban Montgomery County, Maryland. Most legal matters are handled at the local County Court houses. Family law issues; like divorce, child custody and support cases as well as personal injury matters (like auto accidents) are handled in the local civilian courts. We represent service members who have cases in the local courts.

Our office is located about 15 minutes from National Military Medical Center in nearly Greenbelt, Maryland. For over 25 years we have been representing service members, civilians and dependents in the local civilian courts; including Prince George’s, Montgomery, Frederick, Charles, St. Mary’s, Anne Arundel Counties and in the District of Columbia as well as in the military courts.

We are sensitive to the impact civilian cases can have on a client’s military or federal government career. We seek to minimize the blow-back in a divorce or child custody case so that the service member’s job is not affected. Asserting your rights shouldn’t cost you your job. We also understand the military benefits that a dependent spouse and children are entitled to through the courts as well as under the military dependent support regulations -- both before and after divorce. We earn our living practicing law on behalf of military service members and their dependents as well as contractors and federal government employees. We can help you with your military legal issues. 

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