Military Law & Security Clearances

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Military Law & Security Clearances

Larry Burch and his staff at The Burch Law Firm are prepared to provide knowledgeable and zealous advocacy for our clients facing court-martial charges. Click the links below to learn more about each of these areas:

General, Special and Summary Courts-Martial

When you are facing a court-martial, not only your career but your freedom is at stake. A General Court-Martial offers an accused unique rights but most don’t know how to take advantage of those rights. Larry Burch, as a former Senior Defense Counsel in the Navy has over 20 years of experience in defending the rights of service members facing a court-martial.

Every accused is entitled to an appointed defense counsel at court-marital, however, not every defense counsel is equal. Often military JAG’s assigned to represent accused service members are new and inexperienced attorneys. Many times, they are overwhelmed with large caseloads and cannot give your defense the time and attention it requires. And sometimes, they just don’t know how.

A conviction at court-martial is often considered a federal felony conviction and may have serious repercussions on future employment and other opportunities. No lawyer can promise you a successful outcome at court-martial, but you have a better chance at a successful outcome if your lawyer is experienced and prepared to defend you. Your career – both present and future – require the best legal representation. Larry Burch and his staff at The Burch Law Firm are prepared to provide knowledgeable and zealous advocacy for our clients facing court-martial charges. Contact us for a free initial consultation.

Administrative Boards & Boards of Inquiry

If your command has decided to refer your case to a Board of Inquiry (or an Administrative Discharge Board for enlisted service members), your career is in serious jeopardy and you need an experienced attorney working for you. A military attorney will be appointed to represent you, but you are relying on the luck of the draw when relying on your free military counsel to represent you. Surely, your career is worth more than that. Larry Burch has represented service members as a Navy JAG Officer and as a civilian attorney for 25 years.

While Boards are informal and do not strictly follow the rules of evidence, it does not mean that the rules do not apply. Service members have rights at Boards and you should have someone on your side zealously representing your rights. The command will have someone representing their side of the case, you should have someone with knowledge and experience on your side. Leaving your case in the hands of your appointed military counsel is taking a risk. Your appointed military attorney might be experienced and have the time to dedicate to planning your case, or he or she might not. You can’t take that risk with your career on the line. If you are facing an Administrative Board or Board of Inquiry, contact The Burch Law Firm, LLC for a free initial consultation with Larry Burch, former Navy JAG.

Non-Judicial Punishment and Command Investigations

If you command wants to impose non-judicial punishment (“NJP”) on you or has started a command investigation, you need an experienced military attorney on your side. Command investigators are not looking to help you – they are gathering evidence to use against you. The outcome of a command investigation or non-judicial punishment can have a drastic impact on your military career. Over the past 30 years, Larry Burch has helped many military service members tell their side of the story and save their careers. Don’t go it alone. Contact The Burch Law Firm, LLC for a free initial consultation if you are under investigation or have been referred to NJP.

Physical Evaluation Boards

If you have suffered an illness or an injury while on active duty, you are entitled to a hearing before your service’s Physical Evaluation Board (“a PEB hearing”). The outcome of your disability hearing can have a dramatic impact on your disability evaluation and disability pay. Larry Burch has represented hundreds of service members at PEB Hearings. While you are entitled to a military attorney to represent you at a PEB hearing, often your assigned military lawyer is too overwhelmed to pay close attention to your case. Often, service members go to their PEB hearings without adequate preparation. The Burch Law Firm, LLC prepares its clients in advance of the PEB hearing to maximize the chances of a favorable outcome. If you are awaiting a medical discharge, contact the Burch Law Firm, LLC for a free initial consultation.

Boards for Correction of Military Records & Discharge Review Boards

Each service has a Board for Correction of Military Records (“BCMR”) and a Discharge Review Board (“DRB”) to any correct error or injustice in a service member’s military record or discharge characterization. Larry Burch has been representing service members and former service members in fixing errors and correcting injustices in military service records. If your service record contains an unjust characterization, contact The Burch Law Firm, LLC for a free initial consultation about how to fix it.

Security Clearance and Credentials Investigations

Having a industrial security clearance is vital to maintain a career where you have access to secure information. If you have been notified that your clearance is under investigation, not only is your security clearance in jeopardy – but your career is at risk. If you have received a Statement of Reasons why your security clearance is being revoked, you are entitled to a hearing. You should have an experienced attorney on your side if your security clearance is under investigation or in the process of being revoked. Larry Burch has successfully represented many people who have been notified that their security clearance is at risk. Contact The Burch Law Firm, LLC for a free initial consultation.

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