Alcoholic Beverage Sales Law

Learn how to keep your license to serve and sell liquor and beer in Montgomery and Prince George's County, Maryland.

To address issues arising after the prohibition of alcohol in the United States, every state and municipal unit has adopted a complex set of statutes, rules and regulations that sometimes defy understanding. 

As an industry which produces tax revenues to these government units, the framework of the regulations is driven by diverse set set of objectives. We have represented restaurants and distributors of alcohol. In Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Maryland, licensing and sale of alcohol generates revenue and an entire department has evolved to address wholesale and retail sale of alcohol. The Board of License Commissioners consists of five (5) citizens appointed by the County Executive to decide whether or not to issue, suspend, or cancel alcohol licenses.

Burch Law Firm, LLC teaches applicants the unique laws pertaining to the production and sale of liquor and beer in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, Maryland and how to prepare for a hearing before the Board of License Commissioners which may include addressing citizen complaints or concerns.  

License Oppositions- Citizens. Applications for licenses to produce or serve liquor or beer may be opposed by citizens in the area. It is important to analyze the nature of the opposition and prepare to properly present evidence of how the new license will benefit the community and meet the factors for issuing a license to produce or serve liquor and beer in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, MD.

License Opposition- Competition. Beer and Wines stores are licensed and must be able to show that their license is in the public’s interest. Having numerous licensees in a small radius may be harmful to business and careful analysis of factors and evidence are essential for issuing a new license and even for retaining an existing license, if challenged.

Violation Notices and Hearings. Violations of the many regulations result in a citation and possibly a hearing which could subject the licensee to a fine, suspension or revocation of your license to produce and serve liquor or beer.  Violations can be minor or unintentional or occur when a manager isn’t around, but the result could cause an establishment to lose its ability to serve beer or liquor – in most cases it’s a death sentence for the business. 

However, you are entitled to certain due process rights at a hearing before the Board of License Commissioners including the right to present witnesses and evidence; the right to cross examine witnesses against you; as well as the right to have counsel present. 

We are experienced in representing restaurants, bars, liquor stores and other establishments that sell beer and liquor in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, MD. We help these establishments obtain and keep their liquor licenses. Contact the Burch Law Firm, LLC to discuss your liquor license in Montgomery and Prince George’s County, MD.

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